Item 05: Walter Bruce Rainsford diary, 1 January-31 December 1918 - Page 92

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& he was decisively beaten at Waterloo by the English & Prussians. The famous Emperor was sent to St. Helena where he died 5.5.1821.
France had to pay an indemnity of 700 million francs & lost a lot of territory. Louis XVIII re-entered France in 1815.
The second Republic was declared in 1848 and the second Empire in 1852 with Louis-Napoleon as Napoleon III.
In the Franco-Prussian War Napoleon capitulated to the Prussians on 2nd Sept. 1870 and two days later the 3rd Republic was proclaimed. After the fall of Paris the treaty of Frankfurt took place in (10.5.71) in which France ceded Alsace (except Belfort) & a part of Lorraine to Prussia and paid an indemnity of 5 milliard francs. The amount of territory taken was 14,500 sq. kilometres & 1,600,000 inhabitants. The indemnity was paid in full 14 months after the declaration of peace showing the splendid patriotism of the people…….

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