Item 01: James McCall Young diary, 9 November 1917-22 April 1918 - Page 29

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and posted them at the YMCA on shore before I left, I went from one side of Ceylon to the other, saw some very beautiful sights one thing I noticed very much, "the very tall smells". also the absence of horses, only saw two, and very poor specimens at that, I was greatly taken with the funny carts, with the small hump-backed oxen to pull them, they drive them with a ring through their nose, when shopping the darkies usually ask about four or five times the value of an article. if they ask 4/- you usually get it after a lot of bargaining for about 1/-, bought three singlets for 2/6, would pay that for one in Melbourne, there are some very fine buildings in Colombo and the roadways are all asphalted and very clean. Saw some very funny looking birds. I was very much surprised at the number of darkies that could speak english, nearly all the shops have their names up in english.

I went to bed at 9.15 PM very tired but very well satisfied with my afternoon's outing. Still coaling and discharging cargo (Mutton & Beef).

Wednesday Nov 28th
5.30 got up, raining very heavy coaling finished at ½ past 3 AM. Put on 2,000 tons, putting on

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