29 : 7

Copy of a letter sent to Mr Wm Bourn

Parramatta  14th Feby 1829

Dear Sir
By this conveyance I forward the returns of Cattle the property of the Rev John Williams & Master John Williams the Total number of Cattle branded WIS for delivery appearing to be Sixty two that is 1 Ox 1 Steer 9 Calves 41 Cows 10 Heifers 14 Calves Total 62 - of the JW brand thirty seven head 2 Oxen 7 Steers 5 Calves 12 Cows 3 Heifer 8 Calves Total 37 - at the same time you will observe that 3 females were Branded I in Decr 1823 & the same with their increase dilivered to the order of Mr [indecipherable]

The a/c current wh accompanies this which I hope will be correct & satisfactory and likewise I hope that we shall be able to come to a final settlement as soon as possible hoping to hear from you as soon as convenient.

I am with respect
Yours truly
John Walker

To Mr Wm Bourn
Elizh Street

Copy 29:8

Parramatta  18th Feby 1829

Please to receive from Mr James Hassall (18) Eighteen Bales of Wool; marks, weights, & numbers as stated per margin to be shipped on Board the Mary Hope bound for Liverpool

Your Obdt Servt
(Signed)  for John Walker

Messrs Bell & Farrier
George St Sydney


Nos   Mks   wts
85       3      174
97               236
98               166
99               184
100             193
101             181
102   H&W  166
103              183
104              161
105              180
106              175
107              243
108              166
109              168
110              279
111               247
112              257
113              248
lbs             3557

Parramatta 18 Feby 1829

The undersigned John Walker of Parramatta, Merchant, hereby propose and offers to Deliver the Supplies of the undermentioned Articles at any Station within Seven Miles of Parramatta aforesaid free of all further expence than included in the following rates, having reference to the specific qualities of the articles as published in the Government Notice of the  th October 1828 under the hand of the Deputy Commissary General. Viz

Wheaten Meal, at 2 3/8 two pence three eights of a penny Sterling pr lb
Beef, Salt & Fresh, at 2 7/8 Two pence Seven eights of a penny pr lb.


Current Status: 
Ready for review