Copy of a letter from Mr Josh Williamson

Parramatta 23rd Jany 1828

Herewith I tramsmit, you a true copy, of the Acct between the late Mr Rowlth Hassall & the late Mr James Williamson, and I trust that the same, will meet a spedy conclusion, having been of such long standing

I beg leve to remarke, that, during a period, my Father was alive, since his last return from England of nearly 10 years, no presentment was made to him by your Father for nearly 5 years when your Father died, and still, nothing transpired of any acct existing between us, 3 or 4 years more elapsed, presentment until about (or more than) 12 months and then comes an acct* after Mr Williamsons Decease. It is quite ab enigma to me?

I am Sir
Yours &c &c
(Signed) Josh Shortld Williamson


Mrs I Williamson

* This last acct I have not put in the acct General JSW

Copy of a Letter sent to W. Arkell

Parramatta, 28th March 1828.

I have to acknowledge the receipt of yours of 13th Inst I do not recognize any agreement with you respecting your Wool. That however which I did receive was under the same conditions, respecting time and the mode of payment, as, belong to Messrs Lane and Tom. Beside, this sample of your last especially, is so inferior, that even on the conditions above named I cannot possibly do any more than allow you storage till you can dispose of, or sort it, and make it saleable.

Yours &c.

Signed James Hassall.

Copy of Letter sent to Messrs Mansfield and Horton

Parramatta 9 April 1828

Gend Sirs,

I beg leave to tender for the execution of your Advertisement in the Gazette of Monday last
Sugar good quality             @ 10¾ per lb
Salt English                        @ 5/ per Cwt
Saltpetre                             @ 1/ per lb
Young Hyson Tea 55/¼ Chest Coffee 10d per lb
Raisins very good 10d per lb
Chese 1/ per lb Port wine very good 43/ per Dozen
White Wine 30/ per Dozen Spades 50/- per Dozen
Clasp Royal Knives Middle Quality 11/ per Dozen

Current Status: 
Ready for review