Copy From James Hassell to the Preceding

Parramatta [indecipherable] 1828

Yours' of the 17th Inst, offering to advance Eight pence per lb on the wool and I may ship by the Mary Hope if addressed to your agents; which advance shall become due one month after the sailing of the vessel, and that I shall take part of this advance in goods", came safely to hand.

I have only to inform you that I approve the conditions and shall dispatch my shearing with all haste to expedite your business and prevent delays.
I am Gentlemen
Yr Obt Servt.
(signed) Jas Hassall.

To Mr Jem Hughes Sydney

Parramatta 11th Decr 1828

Dear Sir
I have been to Windsor I have got the papers relative to the farm I offered for Sale the title of [indecipherable] He the [indecipherable] willnshow rto you. I called at Mr Prouses & showed the [indecipherable] to him when he declared he had not one so good to any of his land. If sale is effected between you and me of course you will pay yourself what Mr Jonathon owes you + the remainder I will take in [indecipherable] any other thing that will tell in Price - you answer to this will greatly
Oblige Yr Obedt Servant
John Walker

NB Mr Jonathon has given me a regular power of attorney to transact this business

Nos  lbs
1     193
2     191
3     174
4     195
5     190
6     182
7     161
8     164
9     165
10    161
11    189
12    185
13    165
14    190
15    234
16    185
17    187
18    199

gross 3311 lbs
B&H missing 188lbs

Parramatta 11th December 1828

Please to receive from Mr James Hassall /18/ Eighteen Bales of Wool Marks weights & Nos as per margin to be shipped on Board the Mary Hope Bound for Liverpool

From Yr Obedt Servant
Jokn Walker

To Mesrs Bell & James
Ship Mary Hope

NB [indecipherable] a receipt by [indecipherable]

Copy of a Letter sent to Mr Jas Orr

Parramatta Decr 13th 1828

Against the sum of £335 Stg advanced by you to me on Wool I hereby agree to deliver to you10.000 lbs weight of wool to cover that amount to be shipped om board the Mary Hope bound to Liverpool to be consigned to your agent for payment of said sum of £335 clear of all expenses Freight &c and any balance to be handed over by your agent to Messrs Keas &Imrie

I am Sir
Your mObdt Servt
(Signed) Jas Hassall 

To Mr Jas Orrs

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