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Your Obt Servts
Signed Aspinall Browne Aspinall

Copy of a Letter from Messrs Aspinall Browne & Aspinall   Dated Liverpool 29th Novr 1827

Mr James Hassall

The Midas being detained by contrary winds enables us to advise the sale of your wool by auction this morning at the following prices, viz 12 Bales @ 15d¾, 6 Bales @ 16d, 4 Bales @ 17d¼, & 2 Bales @21¾ pr lb which was the highest price obtained in the Sale; there was a very numerous attendance from Yorkshire & the bidding was very brisk, & fully d2 or d3 higher than the London prices, in fact they were above our expectations. We shall have this pleasure again shortly with the a/sales & remain
Your Obdt Servt.
Signed ) Aspinall Browne & Aspinall

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Copy of a letter sent to Wm Lawson Esq
From Mr Jonn Hassall

June 23rd 1828

In conjunction with my offer and your request relative to the Grant of Land at Bathurst which I offered you for sale. I beg leave to tender you the same on the following terms (Viz) Eight hundred and fifty pounds Sterling .£200 in 3 months £200 at 4 months £200 at 9 months and £250 at 12 months in Bills payable at either of the Banks. The farm consists of One thousand Acres (1000) on which are three substantial pailed Sheep yards and a good hut. As it respects the Quality of the Land I need say nothing it being so well known to yourself and so contiguous to Your Estate
I am
Your Obdt Servt
Signed Jonn Hassall

William Lawson Esq
Veteran Hall.

P.S. An early answer will oblidge  JH.

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