only advance my individual interests, but the welfare and credit of the whole Colony
                     By Captain Tanner of the Mary Hope you will receive the remainder of out last years wool of which shipment I have advised you
                     On Board the "Medway: Captain White I have shipped 103 Bales Marked and numbered [asker] Margin, and I hope that you will find this consignment in general, superior to our last every possible attention has been paid to cleanliness and my invariable practice of introducing additional sacon and Merino Blood among te Flocks, I fondly apprehend will render the fleece every year more worthy the attention of purchasers to your advice respecting sorting. I have not been able to attend to so fully this year as I shall next, but the fleeces are well skirted, and the coarse wool not sent at all.
                     From your house in Sydney I have received 10 per lb of advance upon the 103 Bales, and I embrace your obliging tender of service to  execute the order for goods which accompany this , should the proceeds of the wool not meet the outlay I shall remit you bills to the amount of balance in you favour by the first opportunity.

I have Gentlemen the 
Honor to remain
Yours most respectfully
Signed James Hassall

P.S. The stationary in which I have written I wish to be purchased from Mr Kaye Editor of the Liverpool Courier

Copy of an order sent to Me???  Liverpool
20 ? Rum from ​23 to 30 overproof
20 Pieces of Banigan Fecstin?
20 Pieces of Velveteen
20 Pieces of Corderoy
5 Dozen of Black thread
5 Dozen of Coloured Mixed
2 Dozen of white thread middle quality
​​​​​​​50 Dozen of skirts? shiped cotton large size good quality
20 Dozen of Duck Trousers
1 Pices of fine Irish linen
10 sets of knives and forks with Ivory handles good quality
40 Dozen Knives and forks wedding quality
4 Dozen ladies assorted seghorn Bonnets large size no trimmings
2 Dozen of Ladies Hats
2 Dozen of Maids Hats
1 Dozen of Gentleman Hats
​​​​​​​1 Dozen of womens Danilables? without trimmings
2 Dozen of Maids         D"                  D"
10 Dozen of Boys seal skin caps latest fashion and various sizes best quality about 10/ each
1 Dozen of Thread Lace Squares Black Veils best quality
1 Dozen of Black Squares
1 Dozen of White Veils
2 Dozen pieces of fashionable sprig Muslins 6 quarters different patterns
​​​​​​​1 Dozen pieces of Hair Cardelluslins? different patterns
5 Dozen of Ladies White Silk Gloves
5 Dozen of Ladies Black    D"
6 Dozen of Ladies Kid       d"
4 Dozen of Gentleman's Kid   d"


Current Status: 
Ready for review