4 Dozen of Gentlemans Riding Gloves-
8 Dozen of Gentlemans Woodstock Gloves best quality--
6 Dozen 0f Gentlemans White xxxxx double heeled Cotton
Stockings no seam at the Bottom of the Feet ----
12 Dozen of Ladies White Cotton Stockings half fine aside?
the other half of a stouter quality
6 Dozen of Unbleached Stockings
6 Dozen of unbleached Socks-
6 Dozen of Angola stockings-
1 Dozen of Counterfrins ? 12 Quarters
1 Dozen of Counterfrins ?11 Quarters
12 Dozen of Ladies Hankercheifs(sp) fashionable patterns
4 Dozen of Ladies White do....
4 Rolls of  Silk fashionable Colours
2 Rolls of Pink Persian
2 Rolls of White do....
20 Pieces of Gentlemans silk hankercheifs Spitalfields? fashionable patterns

Current Status: 
Partially transcribed