Your Cattle I delivered into Mr Shelleys possession on the 10th of May 1826 the total number was then 97 head (viz) 8 [indecipherable] 15 Steers 14 Male Calves 38 Cows 9 Heifers and 13 Heifer Calves.

On a visit at Mr S. Station some time after I saw the Calves equally divided and Branded 16 for you & 8 for Mr S as I am so seldom in Argyle I cannot be present at all the branding but will as often I can make it convenient With this I send you a copy from a/c wh I hope will give every satisfaction you will find a Balance in my favour of £3..16..10 [indecipherable] which I have charged to Mr Shelley the last time I saw your Cattle the were doing well and in good condition but as Mr Shelley writes to you by this conveyance he will give you every information respecting them my Mother & Sister joins me in Kind regards to yourself & Mrs S.

I remain Dear Sir
Yours truly
(Sign)  James Hassall

To Revd H Nott

Copy of a letter to Thos Purnell
April 26 1828

Having received your letter in which you desire to give up the charge of the cattle belonging to Mr N Chapman Esq for which I am agent and having recognised the agreement between you & Wm Colless and accepted the sum I do by this give you notice to give up all claims belong to the said [indecipherable] and in fourteen days from this date to quit the said estate or to take consequences attendant on a refusal of the same
I remain
(sign) James Hassall

To Thos Purnell

Copy of a letter from Liverpool 23 rd Nov 1827

Mr Jas. Hassall

We received your esteemed favor pr Mary Hope with 24 Bales Wool which are now landed & we intend to sell with our own by Auction on the 29th Inst when we shall wait upon you with sales; we are sorry to say the market is very low at present for every description of produce and we see no early prospect of improvement, however the New So Wales Wool bears so high a character in Yorkshire we are quite confident it will bring a higher proportionate price than any other description, & we have particularly to recommend you to pay great attention to its cleanness & send it in fleece. keeping the coarse from the fine as much as possible. We beg to enclose your Blading family Invoice of the goods you ordered, which we have shipped on board the Midas & hope you will receive safe and give satisfaction & with a tender of our best services

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