Copy of a Letter to Mrs Williamson

Dear Madam
                       In answer to a Note from Mrs Williamson requiring the whole of the Accounts between us, I have only to remark that the Account has been rendered from the period that the late Mr. Williamson approved the current account between himself and my Father so that it is not only unnecessary but irregular to furnish such an account as is required the Books are always ready to be examined by you or your Sons to whom every possible information will be given. 
                               I am sorry to be obliged to trouble you and sincerely hope that a speedy settlement of the a/c will take place.

                                                           I am

                                                           Dear Madam
                                                           Your Truly
                                         Signed          James Hassall

Mr. Williamson
                                            Copy of letter sent to [Ger.] Allen Esq.

         I have no objection to take the joint notes of Mrs Nixon & Mr Battersby at [bol] Interest for 5-6 for the amt. of the debt -----  The costs of [indecipherable] action of course [the]  {they} will pay before you stay proceedings, or are satisfied on your a/c ---  Mrs Nixon will leave in your hands the writings of certain promises in Clarence & Kent Street.

                                                         Yr Ob  Servant
                                                        (Signd)  James Hassall

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