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victories on all the fronts. The French are making a daily rate of progress. The Russians captured 100 turks at Erzerum [Erzincan] and 1000 additional prisoners in Galicia and at Verdum [Verdun] the Violence of the German offensive is diminished.

There was a boxing contest this evening & was well attended. There were 5 or 6 different contests under the supervision of Huie [indecipherable]

[Shorthand not transcribed.]

Thursday July 13. 1916.
It is hot to day. There are clouds around the horizon but none overhead. There was a strong head wind last night & its continues with slight moderation today. The course is 4 points N of N.W.

A wireless message states that the British captured a heavy howitzer and 3 field guns. After ten days and nights of continual fighting our troops captured the whole of the enemys first system of defence on a front of 14000 yards.

Friday July 14. 1916.
It is dull & cloudy & misty this morning. The wind is from the North. The course is 2 points North of North West.

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