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sailing vessel about half a mile away. It was a Spanish ketch trading between the islands.

Wireless messages come to hand every day. They now contain general news. Lord Kitcheners estate has been sworn at  £171,420. Sir Rodgers Casements appeal was heard before 5 Judges and dismissed. The Irish settlement provided for the exclusion of 6 counties of Ulster & the boroughs of Belfast and Londonderry New. Judges of the Dublin appeal court appointed by Imperial authorities, & the operation of the defence of the Realm Act administered by the Imperial authorities.

Thursday July 20. 1916
A cool morning. The course is 11 points East of North with a moderate head wind.

Very early this morning a ship was passed on the port side, a long way off. Before breakfast another could be seen in the far distance on the starboard side.

It was read out in orders this morning

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