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has been flying all day, and to night. There are several cases of meningitis on board, & I understand they will be put ashore to morrow to be sent back to Australia.

The railways here are on the narrow gauge system. There are some quere little trucks filled with stone for the wharfe. The carriages are very ordinary. On the pier they have a stopping place, but there is no raised platform for the passengers. They get on as if they were boarding a tram by means of a step at the end of the carriage. I have seen 3 patterns of engines, a very small one, another with a square boiler, and a large one with a very long round boiler, and similar to the Victorian locomotives. They have all low wheels, as also have the carriages & trucks. The Policemen have a blue serg uniform, similar to the Victorian, but with S.A.P. on the shoulder, and a black hat identical with the new summer hat worn

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