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are stoked alternatively in succession every 7 minutes, and three in each boiler are drawn every four hours. There is an iron door from the boiler room into the engine room where there is some magnificent machinery. There is a set of High Pressure & Slow Pressure Condensing Engines on each side to work the twin screws of the vessel. I intend to ask permission to have a good look around the engine room.

The ashes & clinkers from the furnaces are sent down a shoot and blown out into the sea below the surface under great pressure which keeps the water out.

The "Persic" is fitted with wireless and a powerful refrigerating plant. She has on board a cargo of wheat and also some transport wagons. There are some 1600 troops aboard & about 300 of a crew.

I did some washing to day, the first time bar a few handkerchiefs, since I became a soldier.

The Persic is about 12,000 tons displacement  €“
Length 500 ft.
Beam 60 ft
Speed 10 to 13 knots.

Current Status: