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Prince Albert a 4 funnelled light cruiser. Immediately in front lay the Highflyer (3 funnels) which sunk the Kiser Wilhelm der Grosse in October 1914. The other cruiser was the Cambrier (3 funnells) which steamed out soon after we lay to and went North. On the West side of the Harbour is a long Island which effectually protects the harbour from the Atlantic Storms. We were not long in the Harbour when boats carrying natives came alongside and showed their proficiency in diving for small coins thrown overboard. They invariably caught the coins before they reached the bottom. Others caught fish and these brown little men showed great dexterity in the use of the line. After we had breakfast the Portuguese police came alongside and hunted all boats away presumably because the yellow flag was hoisted when as we came in and remains flying. The police intend to protect us or rather the natives for they anchored alongside. They wear a grey

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