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Friday July 7. 1916.
It is very hot today. The Captain & ships officers on their tour of Inspection came down in their white suites & the Army officers in light uniform. I slept above last night on top of the cooke house. It was very depressing below.

The course today is 7 points West of North with a very gentle breeze from the South which makes it much cooler.

Two large steamers passed us on the Port side this morning. One of them being H.M.S. Kent. She was about a quarter of a mile away and signalled with a large mirror which flashed the Morse code. She wished us "good Luck".

This is washing day. There is a shortage of water and N.C.O's of D. Company were instructed to supervise the washing in order that none should be wasted.

Saturday July 8. 1916.
It is very hot today. The wind is from the S.East which tempers the heat somewhat. Judging from the Sun the course is apparently the same. [Following shorthand is not transcribed.]

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