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gardens and parks here and some lovely flowers. At a grandstand here we were allowed to purchase soft drinks, cakes, and beer at 4d a pannikin. There is also a tea room but we were not allowed to go near it, for fear of the meningitis. We stayed here for 3 hours and at 3 p.m. we started back for the city.

On the way we were frequently pelted with fruit, chocolates, cakes etc. especially as we got nearer the city where they were dropping them down on us from high buildings. A feature of our journey both ways on this road was the tribe of coloured boys and girls, with a sprinkling of white children among them that followed us both in and out. They were of all ages from babies in arms and little fellows able to walk to adults. Along the road many of their mothers & fathers lined up to see us. We went through the city

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