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strong head wind.

A wireless message brought more good news of the War. Near the Peronne a Squadron of the Dragoon Guards accounted for a detachment of the enemy. This is the first opportunity of using Calvary in action since 1914 and signifies further victories ahead, as the Germans must be on the run & past the trenches.

Tuesday July 18. 1916
A dull cloudy day. The course is 10 points East of North with a strong head wind and a rough sea.

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I have done a lot of reading lately. Several magazines & short stories. The Strand is a particularly good magazine, also several parts of the Times History of the War.

Wednesday July 19. 1916.
The course is 10 points East of North. The wind has moderated and the heavy swells have went down.

Before dark yesterday we passed on the starboard side a small

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