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his voice inaudible except to those who were quite close to the speaker.

Pay books were served out to all the Head Quarters Details by our O.C. Lieutenant Taylor.

Monday June 19. 1916
The ship is rolling terribly this morning and last night. There are heavy swells and a strong head wind. The course is 5 points North of West. From 12 p.m yesterday to to 12 p.m to day we travelled 266 miles.

This afternoon we were paraded to the Bath room for a shower.

Tuesday June 20. 1916
Cloudy and showery. The course is the same as yesterday. The sea is lumpy. Most of my time is taken up reading. I have read numerous articles in papers & magazines. The last book I read was "The Wisdom of Folly" by Ellen Thorneycroft Fowler and I found it of very absorbing interest. Reading appears to be the chief occupation of all on board. Games of various kinds are also well patronised. Draughts, cards, Quoits, skipping, etc

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