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we are gradually overtaking her. She appears to be travelling in the same direction as ourselves. This morning a number of all black sea birds were in the wake of the ship. These are much smaller than the other birds, and I have never seen them in Australia.

About 3.30 another steamer was seen N. of us and a little later still another. Before dark we had passed them and they were mere specks on the horizon. At 5. p.m the steamer we saw in the morning could be seen in the distance, her smoke indicating where she was, laboriously trying to keep in sight of us. We also saw land in the North.

It was very misty and cloudy, but a range of hills could be discerned in the far distance through the mist. This has been an eventful day, 4 vessels being seen and also land. Truly it is either a feast or a famine. Another wireless was posted up on D. deck but there was nothing startling in it.

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