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stream of water is poured over it.

May 18, 1916
Fuses are a means of exploding charges to enable the operator to get away.
There are two kinds of fuses. Safety and Instantateous. Safety Fuse. (No.9) burns at the rate of 4ft per second minute. The other 90 feet per second.

Safety fuses have a powder column surrounded with a flare and gutter[indecipherable] and an outside insulating tape and is coloured black.
Intantaneous fuses are coloured orange red and outside covering is rough.
Commercial Fuse (No.8) is [indecipherable] coloured and burns at the rate of 2 ft per minute.
Instantaeous fuse has a quick match column that is 7 [indecipherable] of Mercury.
Cut fuses square on the end to fit into the Detonator and the other end to be lighted on the slant.

Joining Fuses
There are two ways of joining fuses. The

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