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water had got at many of them, and some of the contents ruined. I was luckey, for beyond a small hole in my tunic there was no other damage. The knives, spoons & forks issued by the "Persic" were collected at 11.a.m. and we had to use our own for dinner.

A steamer passed very close on the port side at breakfast time. In the far distance there were several on the port starboard side.

We passed a two masted steamer at 6 this evening on the Port Side. She was about a quarter mile away.

Saturday July 22. 1916
It is very calm to day. It was cold last night but it warmed up by 10 o'clock and became fairly hot. The course is apparently unchanged, and there is a light head wind.

This week all the tarpolians that were fixed overhead to keep out the sun were removed.

This morning before breakfast all the port holes were shut and screwed down. They will remain shut until we get into port, which in all

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