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being the chief. Draughts is my favourite game and I have played a great many games, I have won about half of the games I played.

Wednesday June 21. 1916.
A nice day with the wind from the South West. The course is 4 points North of West. One of the Pioneers "Darkey" Silver was sent to the Hospital yesterday evening and this morning I was told he was suffering from measles. The Sports are to be held this afternoon.

The Sports were held this afternoon & were a very tame affair. They consisted chiefly of Rope Quoits, Deck Quoits, and Deck Billiards.

They will be continued to morrow. I wrote 2 letters today.

Thursday June 22. 1916.
A nice day, with a fairly strong head wind on the starboard bow. The course is 2 points North of West.

Short arm inspection this afternoon.

Friday June 23. 1916
Another nice day with a head wind. The course has not changed. I have finished reading a great lady detective tale entitled "Joan Mar" by Marie Connor

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