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Tuesday June 27. 1916.
A cold, bleak, wintry day, misty rain, a rough sea, and a murkey sky. The wind is from the West, cold & bitter. The course is 8 points North of West. Before breakfast a 2 masted steamer passed us on the starboard side going South past & after breakfast we passed a ship on the same side going East. We spent the morning below on account of the drizzling rain.

This afternoon is a cold miserable wintery day. Misty rain all the time, and a strong wind from the W.S.W. which increased to a gale at night. To night is very dark and stormy. It is the roughest weather since we left Melbourne. We passed a lighthouse to night on the starboard side at 6.15. Truly this is a wild night at sea. The steamer is rolling heavily, and pitching forward. Nearly all are below except for those whose duty compels them to remain on deck.

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