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hole was knocked in last when when swinging the boat off the davits on to the deck. He repaired it by stripping off the two damaged boards and fitting in 2 new ones.

Tuesday July 4. 1916.
A nice morning but cloudy. The wind is from the N.West. the course is N.N.W. The main lights were not lit up this morning under the new regulations for the danger zone. There are numerous Furpheys abroard, that is rumours with its hundred tongues, and no two alike. One is that we are to call at least at one or two ports before we reach England. Rumour has it that we are to call at Cape Verde Islands; another at Cape St. Vincent, another that we are to be landed at Gibraltar and put aboard a fast ship to England. Still another Rumour is that we are not going to England at all but to Marselles in France. The reason given is that most of the cargo is for Italy, and by this course the ship could proceed at once to her destination.

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Wednesday July 5. 1916.
It is very cloudy today & close. The course is N.N.W.

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