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Outside the harbour dock there were 4 large steamers waiting. This is a beautiful day and all enjoy it after such a boisterous day yesterday & last night but this morning the wind had dropped & the mist had cleared away. There is still a heavy fog around the mountain which rose to the top as the sun got higher.

There is a wireless station on a high bluff overlooking the harbour, and roads are cut around the Bluff (Lions Rump) and Table mount. There is grass right to the top of the bluff, but table mount is a high precipitous rock with a flat top hence its name. It is a beautiful sight when there is a thick white mist over the top & half way down the sides. It looks like a table cloth. Behind the Bluff there is a high round rock peak standing up like a pyramid and running its peak into the clouds. It is called The Lions Head, and the Bluff the Lions Rump. On the East of Table mount there is a high rocky

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