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Monday June 12. 1916.
A nice morning, in fact it is the finest day since we have been afloat, but it became cloudy in the evening. The wind has changed to E.S.E. and the ship does not roll so much. This morning the Pioneers started to learn Semaphore signalling, and had some physical drill. In the evening we were practising for the Sports which are to come off next Wednesday.

Tuesday June 13. 1916.
A nice day but cloudy. South wind.

Physical drill with B. Company. We had our first lesson in french this morning given by a French soldier in B. Company assisted by Major Storey.

This afternoon owing to some infectious cases in the hospital the ship was isolated and each company was ordered to keep to its own troop deck and not to mix with any other company.

Wednesday June 14. 1916
This is a beautiful day. The sea is calm & the Sun is shining brightly.

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