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from the Hospital last night where he has been since the second day we sailed. He is still very weak & white looking. He had a very severe attack of sea sickness.

During the past few days sails are being erected over the various decks as shade against the hot sun, for we are now in the tropics. It is very close this afternoon. Below decks the heat is severe and a great many sleep on deck.

I finished reading Steele Rudd's "From Selection to City". It is very amusing. I have started reading Part 14. Vol 2 Chapter XXX of the "Times" History of the War dealing with the first 3 months of the Naval War. It is very interesting & instructive.

The chief steward told me that there are 162 of a crew on board the Persic.

There came another wireless through telling us of further great victories by the allies on all the fronts & captures of guns & munitions. Lord Derby has been appointed Under Secretary for War.

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