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my tent in Seymour by mistake by Lieut. Cerity [Cerutty].

After dinner there was a parade of the whole of head quarters for an inspection of the men by Lieut. Colonel Woods and our OIC.

The Colonel addressed the men, gave instructions to properly acquit ourselves like Australians, when we go ashore to-morrow.

At 4.30 I went on sick parade as I had a sore throat, and felt indisposed. I got some medicine & a gargle.

I finished reading a book "About Peggy Saville" by Mrs G. De Horne Vaizey. [Following shorthand is not transcribed.] The clock was put back a quarter of an hour this evening.

Tuesday July 25. 1916
At bed time last night orders were given that fog signals might be used during the night. 3 whistles, were signals, and we were not to take any notice, but if there were 4 or more everyman was to get on deck with his life belt.

This morning is damp & foggy and everything is most miserable. There is a war boat No 92 conveying us this morning a Norwegian steamer passed us before breakfast.

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