Item 01: John D. Wilson diary, 18 May-27 July 1916 - Page 83

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in colour. Before breakfast it was made known that a patient in the Hospital named Edwards died early this morning from Meningitis. He was one of the A.S.C. and the funeral will take place at 12 10.3. The body was wrapped in canvas and weighted with two firebars, and covered with the Union Jack. At the appointed time the remains were carried out of the Hospital on a stretcher to the stern. The service did not take more than a quarter of an hour. The last Post was sounded and the remains slid over the starboard side, the ship being hove to during the ceremony and all hands called to attention.

Thus passed the brief and solemn ceremony of a funeral at sea.

After dinner we were informed by our sergeant that there was another severe case of meningitis in the Hospital from the A.S.C. I saw the chaplain & the doctor going into the Hospital together.

Sgt. Mapleson of the Transport was removed

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