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R├ępublic, Paris, bought one ot two things and then had a look at the second exhibition of the Allies War photos in a building in the Tuileries (gardens). From here I made tracks out to the avenue de Bois de Boulogne where I had dinner with English friends. Left them about 2 p.m. and went to Auteuil to see some French people. Here I stayed until about 9.30 pm. At 11.40 p.m. my train steamed out of the Gare du Nord bound for the north.

The train travelled slowly, stopping at many stations and did not reach Boulogne until 10 o'clock next morning. Hopping off here, I successfully eluded two members of a very unpopular branch of the service (M.Ps) and caught the tram out to Wimereux & No 2 A.G.H. Here I was soon shaking hands all round & yarning to all and sundry. I left them just 6 months ago to join the Ambulance. During the afternoon I had to visit several civilian friends in the neighbourhood and had dinner at night with a charming Paris family who have a holiday place at Wimereux and whom I met last year. Wimereux seemed about the same as when I left it except for it having become much more English. There are also plenty of German

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