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so that together with the rain, cold & wind it must be real hell in the front line and supports.

A Section of the Ambulance is running the Main Dressing Station about a mile from Dickebush [Dickebusch] and I had to go over there on Sunday afternoon. Went in a New Zealand Motor ambulance as far as Poperinghe to Brandhoek in a motor lorry and the remainder of the journey on foot, in a Belgian farmer's cart & in a British horsed waggon, getting lost a couple of times on the way. Got back to the C.C.S. alright in the evening via Ouderdam & Busse.

The taubes have been going in for a lot of bomb dropping lately & searchlights & anti aircraft guns are going every night.

Yesterday was the third anniversary of my enlistment. Time has passed quickly but yet it seems ages since I came away. We are all longing to get back again but some poor beggars never will.

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