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1st Brigade is billeted in this village & I met several chaps I hadn't seen for ages. After a short visit to the 3rd F. Amb. Which is in the vicinity we went on to Lavieville to Henecourt through the pretty Henecourt Wood and back to Warloy. We had a regular torrential downpour of rain near Buire which left the roads in a fairly muddy condition.

The life here in the field is totally different from that down at the Base with the Hospital. I have spoken to very few French people since coming up & then only to villagers and French gendarmes. While at Wimereux I used to go to at least one opera performance or musical concert per month in the Theatre Municipal Boulogne and also attended several lectures in the same Theatre arranged by the "Societe de geographic".

Friday 22nd June 1917"

Bought some postcards in the village yesterday of Warloy and other villages in the war area. I intend to keep on getting as many photos

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