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the day before yesterday from a chap in the A.I.F. who is still in Egypt. We used to roam round together until he went over to Mudros. I saw him down on the old battleground of Tel-el-Kebir early in 1916, just before leaving for France.

Sund. 19th Aug. 1917:-

The last couple of nights have watched the taubes over Hazebrouck. The sky has been lit up with searchlights, flares, star-shells & bursting shrapnel with the boom, boom of anti-aircraft guns. I reckon the old town is doomed unless the Germans can be driven back. Yesterday evening went for a walk over to the next village, a quiet little place called Staples. The distance is 3 kilometres along a very pretty, winding road.

Tuesd. 21st Aug. 1917:-

Yesterday afternoon went to Arques & St Omer with patients (12 or 13 kiloms). Spent a couple of hours in St Omer – went for a walk through the pretty Public Gardens and also had a good look inside

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