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Friday 24th Aug. 1917:-

The number of enemy subjects in Australia at the present time is 3,600.

The N.S.W. Govt. Statistician has issued a statement showing that the increase in the price of meat is 58.8% and of groceries 22.2% since July 1914.

Great Britain paid over £24,000,000 for the Aust. Wool clip of 1916-17. Acting on representations from the growers, Aust. Is now offering to sell to the Imperial Govt. about 120,000 cases of dried apples at 7d. per lb. Out of 53,804,000 bags of wheat in the 1915-16 pool, 26,403,000 bags had been shipped up to May 21st. The stock held by shipping agents totalled 11,484,000 bags, and the stock held by millers 1,034,000 on 21st May.

On 27th July last it was 1000 days since the 1st Aust. & New Zealand convoy for the war in Europe, left the last Australian port. The convoy consisted of 1 Aust. Div., 1 Aust. L.H. Brigade, 1 N.Z. Inf. Brigade & 1 N.Z. Mtd. Rifle Brigade.

The "six bob a day tourists" like spending money. The cabling of money by relatives in Australia to soldiers abroad has assumed alarming proportions, remittances aggigating something like £5,000 daily.

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