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22nd when they were relieved by the 4th & 5th Aust. Divs. which, after a terrific artillery bombardment early on the morning of the 25th, hopped over and took more objectives and numerous prisoners. These Divisions in turn were relieved on the evening of 30th Sept by 1st & 2nd Divs. There is no doubt our chaps make good even though the going may be pretty hard.

Our bearers have been doing good work but the Ambulance has suffered heavily no less than 93 being killed, gassed & wounded during the period. So many A.M.C. stretcher bearers were put out of action that further squads had to be obtained from the Infantry. We were mighty glad to come out to-day where we are only liable to bombing raids.

I had a good wash down on arrival at the Rest Camp – my first decent one for ten days during which time I never once took off my clothes. Some life this – a little different from that down at No 2 A.G.H. I ran across several old No 2 chaps during the stand and we grinned reminiscently at one another from under our steel helmets. Haven't had a sleep for 27 hours so will ring off.

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