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& Samer are Cavalry headquarters and in practically all the little villages I passed through British cavalry billets could be seen. I saw several Australian Light Horsemen & N.Z. Mounted Rifles although did not visit the Anzac Camp.

Mond. 5th March 1917
Yesterday morning we had a visit from our G.O.C. Lieut. Gen. Birdwood. He is the right kind of Chief for chaps like ours. Is ready to have a yarn to anyone & has quite a genial disposition.

Had a fall of snow last night & when we turned out on 6.15 parade this morning it was coming down thickly.

Thurs. 22nd Mar 1917
Spring is coming. Intermingled with snow, cold, rain & sleet we are now getting sunny hours which are heartily appreciated. The big offensive is being continued vigorously on the 'front' & the Germans are falling back rapidly, leaving numerous villages in our hands after more than two years of occupation.

Current Status: