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Friday 29th June 1917:-

For the past three days have been finding plenty of work to keep me going. My predecessor let things slide a bit and I have been bust bringing them up to scratch. The weather has been very changeable. It is sometimes hot & sunny, then cold & cloudy with a downpour of rain now & again.

A couple of evenings ago went to a little picture show rigged up in an old barn in the village by the Aust Comforts Fund.

Last night had a visit from a couple of chaps who used to belong to No 2 A.G.H. & transferred to A.Y.C. Detail, 5th Inf Battalion. We were talking over old times for quite a long time.

Monday, 2nd July 1917:-

Yesterday went for a stroll through the little cemetery at Wurley. After passing the graves of various inhabitants of the village who had died there, I came to the portion containing those of numerous British & Australian Troops

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