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Div. Rest Station. The Hospice belongs to some Belgian Religious Order and the Nuns & orphans are still occupying a portion of the buildings. Locre is a small village with the usual big church & is situated in the Messines sector. The guns are roaring day & night but several miles away – too far off to worry us. We seem better off here as regards the "taube-pest" than at the Farm where there were plenty of dumps, camps & light & broad gauge railways.

The British are employing big gangs of Chinese labourers as working parties on railway sidings etc. They are a fine stamp of "chow" but would be no good in the line. When Fritz machines are over us dropping bombs measures have to be taken to prevent the Chinese bolting. Their tents are usually surrounded by tall, bard-wire fences.

Sund. 18th Nov. 1917 (7.30 pm):-

The Div Rest Stn. Opened on 15th inst and patients came in freely. At present we have about 140 patients. Have been kept pretty busy up to date but managed to get out with some patients this afternoon to 2nd Aust Cas Clearing Station.

Current Status: