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whole fields of rope wheat and other crops but the farmers are recompensed by the military for the damage done. Got a slight attack of trench fever (?) the night before with pains in the leg, intense thirst, feverish [?] headache and cramping pain in the abdomen. Did not go out with the Ambulance the following day and spent my time alternatively lying down and drinking hot milk at a nearby farm. Left Lumbres the following day and taken about 14 kiloms. in motor lorries to Arques. From here we marched another 14 kiloms. (without packs) to rejoin A Section where we had left them at Ebblinghem.

Today has been fine and very suitable for air activity. Dozens of planes have been passing overhead.

Wed. 15th Aug 1917:-

Very peculiar weather. Fairly fine days but sudden storms every now & again with heavy dumps of rain.

From the northern newspaper "Le Eelegrammes" I see that the Boulogne

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