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in the streets but no Australians. The lorry left the Place Jean Bart soon after 3 pm & arrived back at Remy Siding 3 hours later.

This morning we got orders to leave 3rd Can. C.C.S. & rejoin our section at Reninghelst [Reningelst] Siding together with C Sect tent Div. which we did at 11.30 am.

Thurs 15th Nov 1917 (10 pm):-

Stayed at Van Sohier Farm, Reninghelst Siding, with B & C Sections until the 13th inst. when was transferred with a Cpl & 5 men to A Section (H.Q.) of the Ambulance at Locre [Loker] about 6 miles away. I was glad to get away from the billets at the Farm where one was ankle deep in thick, slimy mud if off the duckboard tracks. There was very little doing at the Farm – did a couple of good walks. One to Remy Siding & Abede and return through Boeschepe & Poperinghe. At the siding struck some Belgians (Wallons) who did not speak Flemish. In addition to French they used a patois among themselves.

At Locre the Ambulance is in a laye Hospice & outbuildings & is running the 5th Aust.

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