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Station at Edgehill. Here we deposited some patients and came back to Warley through Buire, Ribemont & Baizieux.

Have been in all the villages in the district where we are. Went for a walk the other afternoon through Senlis and Hedauville back to Warloy-Baillon a distance of 14 kilometres.

Friday, 13th July 1917
Yesterday the 5th Aust. Division held a grand Assault-at-arms near Henencourt Wood when the King was present. With two other chaps from out transport, rode over on our horses to have a look at "Georgie". The displays went off very well, especially that of the Field Artillery. The King was there with Birdie and numerous other heads. He stayed about ¾ hour and I got several good looks at him. The winkles in his face and his beard turning grey show that he is no longer a young or even middle-aged man.

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