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in long. Back again for tea, some returns to make out and then to bed (but not to sleep!). The sergeants had two airy, comfortable apartments which were low-ceilinged little places with bricked, straw covered floors and which had previously either been horse boxes, pig styes or cowsheds. All our N.C.Os come from either N.S.W. or Vic. About half from each State & fairly evenly divided between the two sleeping-chambers. The result was that inter-state rivalry came to the fore & N.S.W. attacked Victoria (& vice versa) until about 11.30 pm when everyone seemed to have had enough. Was forgetting to mention that I went into Belgium for the first time during the evening when immediately after tea I went up with some sick to 5th Div Rest Station at Remy Siding, the other side of Poperinghe [Poperinge]. We crossed the frontier at Keukacrt about 4 kilometres from Steenvoorde, passed through the Belgian town of Abeele & Poperinghe to our destination. After crossing the border instead of the French gendarmes in their light blue uniforms, I noticed the Belgian military police who wear black uniforms with khaki steel helmet? During our journey up to Steenvoorde I saw hop-growing for the first time. The hops are now ready for

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