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At the rate we are going the war will never be over. The Russians have been forced back, also the Italians and we can't do good in the bad weather on this front. The Germans are without doubt the strongest military power after three years of war and if we want to do any good we shall have to get hold of more modern methods. England still thinks that one Englishman is worth three foreigners and is trying to win on old British tradition – all this is quite played out. Get rid of the old fogies at the head of affairs & get in some new blood equal to, or better than, Germany's leaders.

The first American troops are in the line somewhere on the main French front. I think there is only one division of them ever here & that their weight won't be felt for some time.

The French govt issued a decree a little while ago fixing the manufacture of a standard quality only of a chocolate & fixed the price at which it was to be sold – the price being printed on the wrapper. This is a sensible idea which could well be followed by Britain & Australia.

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