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heaps of wood & stone were all that remained. I saw the same thing only on a much larger scale on riding into Baupaume. The town which is fairly large, is nothing but great stacks of shattered masonry intersected by streets. I went round to Grevillers a couple of kilometres away where No 3 Aust Cas Clearing Stn is situated together with 2 other Brit C. C. Ss. Visited a friend here and then did my thirty kilometre ride back to Warley where I arrived at 8.30 pm.

Between Grevillers & Baupaume I saw an aerial combat in the distance. There were numerous machines up, also 3 or 4 captive balloons observing. The road from Albert to Baupaume is in good condition and was alive with traffic – ambulances, lorries, carts, horses. Motor bikes, push bikes, motor cars, etc.

26th June 1917 (Tuesday) :-

The villages where we are running our Div Rest Station is only about 20 kiloms. from Amiens and the G.O.C. has authorised 10% leave every second day to the town. I paid

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