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Friday 21st Sept. 1917
During the night one or more big Fritz' guns threw numerous shells over somewhere near us. A shrill whine and then a roar when the shell burst – not a pleasant sound at all. Of our stretcher bearers who only went up yesterday 3 have already been reported killed and 4 wounded – mostly from my Section (B).

This evening took some patients by motor ambulance to 2nd Canadian Cas. Clearing Stn. Near Poperringhe, and to 50th Brit. C.C.S. near Godewaersvelde in French territory. The British C.C.S. is situated on the top of the Mont des Cats in a fine old Convent surrounded by parks. From this lofty eminence a splendid view is obtained of the surrounding country while in the distance a long line of flame as the big guns along the line spat their missiles of death & destruction. A fine sight it was and so real – no stage performance I can assure you. We ran down the side of Mont des Cats, out through some level country and then another ascent, this time to the top of the Mont Noir from the top of which we again had a fine view of the gunfire.

After crossing the Belgian border again we

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