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Ypres and have been getting a pretty rough passage. The 5th Div. Artillery came out two or three days ago and is now resting in and around the village of St Momelin, [Saint-Momelin], 4 kiloms. the other side of St Omer (13th & 14th F.A.O's, 5th D.A.C. & 10th A.S.C.). Went out there yesterday collecting sick from the batteries, etc. Going from St Omer to St Momelin we ran for some distance along the canal running to Gravelines & the sea. We followed along a kind of quay with the canal full of slowly moving barges on the right and small, huddled up dwellings on the left. This scene must resemble many in Holland & Belgium.

Dotted about all over France, even in the smallest villages, are splendid châteaux often surrounded by pretty gardens & parks which are however usually in an unkept state. These fine buildings are often secured for staff, Divisional, Brigade Headquarters, etc. The Ambulance has usually to be satisfied with old farm buildings more or less in tumbledown condition, & tents.

Wed. 19th Sept. 1917:-

On Sunday, 16th, we got moving orders so struck

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