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me to travel by train. Left at 7.30 am and arrived at Abbeville three hours later after a very fine journey. France is now at its best and this short trip brought back memories of our journey from the south of France to the north in June last. All the fields & woods so wonderfully fresh & green. There is indeed a striking contrast between a French summer and winter. Our long train for the most part full of French "poilus" [French soldiers in WW1] going on leave, stayed for some little time at Etaples where the Australian & New Zealand Base Depots used to be (now moved to Le Havre, and where big gangs of German prisoners were at work on the railway. On arriving at my destination I walked through the town and out to the 3rd Aust. Gen Hospital which only arrived from England a few weeks ago. The hospital consisting mostly of tents is in a large field adjoining 1st South African Gen Hospital & No 2 Bat Stat. Hospital. I found numerous friends here and after having a yarn to them & a look round the place, had a short visit to the Sth. Africans and then

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