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This Hymn is also one of the favourites of Mr Ward, the S.C.A. leader here. He told us a story connected with its composition by Dr Matheson. This good soul was deeply in love with, and engaged to a beautiful young woman. One day he was told by his doctor that blindness was coming upon him, and somewhat abashed at first he confided his sorrow to the one with whom he had pledged himself. She pondered for a moment & then let him understand that she would never be willing to bind herself to one who could not see. With heart well nigh breaking he dragged himself home, almost totally overcome with his emotions, with utter dejection & hopelessness, but amidst the storm within his soul the still small voice spoke to him & the consciousness of a love which never fails downed upon him; his inarticulate anguish faded & his joy expressed itself:-
"O love that will not let me go,
"I hang my helpless soul on Thee"


[Transcribed by David Lambert and Adrian Bicknell for the State Library of New South Wales]

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