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Our temporary resting-place was on top of a high hill overlooking the city and from it we could see the houses & churches & spires in the foreground, and in the background the expanse of the Ocean while hills and fields lay behind us. We were forbidden to leave camp and picquets were placed all round the Camp boundaries but nearly all of us pinched out. Ron & I had a good look all round Boulogne, including the stronghold walls of the original fortified city, and finished up with supper of ham & eggs. The waitress in the restaurant couldn't understand a word of English & we had to scrape up the little French that we once knew in order to make her comprehend what we wanted, all of which amused both her & us very much. By now I know how to ask for a bit of "tucker". 'Voulez-vous me donner a manger?' is good enough for something to eat anyday. However most of the French people whom we see know a bit of English and in fact the young boys,

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